What is a Fashion Challenge Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has been updated throughout the year to introduce new challenges in order to keep the gameplay fresh. And now it’s time for fashion week 2022. Players compete in Fashion Challenges during this event. But what precisely are they, and how do access and succeed in them?

Pokémon Go is a fantastic immersive experience that allows fans to catch as many Pokémon as they desire without spending $60 price tag on most switch games. It’s constantly updated, and sometimes the updates coincide with other games such as snap or duo sword and shield. Here’s the complete guide to understanding everything about Fashion Challenge in Pokémon Go.

What is a Fashion Challenge in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon, Go Fashion Challenges are unique and enjoyable quests and encounters in line with Fashion Week. The players will have access to features such as cute outfits, and professor willow will give them research requests that need to be completed. These battles will be fought against fashion challengers, and players must win in order to complete research requests.

Pokémon Go’s fashion week features challenges you can complete at PokeStops, all within a limited period. You’ll gain experience points, PokeBalls, and costumes as a reward for completing it. 

During fashion week, there are 5 different fashion challengers in Pokémon Go.

How to Battle a Fashion Challenge in Pokémon Go

First, you need to find a Fashion Challenger in order to take them on in battle. And we advise Pokémon GO Trainers to keep an eye out at PokeStops for them. Fashion Challengers do occasionally arrive at these unique locales, and it is feasible to tell if one is present from afar. To do so, fans should simply look at the cube on top of a PokeStop; a trembling cube signals the presence of a Fashion Challenger.

Every Fashion Challenger you battle will have a positive impact on your mission to complete the challenges in this quest. As a result of this, you will not have to waste time finding a specialized trainer.

Players will also have the opportunity to combat Fashion Challengers as part of the event, which may surprise fans who are accustomed to seeing Team Rocket members. Fashion Challengers will arrive in PokeStops at random, and players can battle them as usual. Anomalies in far PokéStops will appear slightly different than normal ones, so players without nearby PokéStops can try to spot them. If you come across a PokéStop that isn’t like the others, it’s likely to have a Fashion Challenger encounter.

What are the Difference Types of Fashion Challenger?

Here are the 5 types of Fashion Challengers, according to Eurogamer.

  1. Cool Challenger: Furfrou, Sneasel, Gothitelle
  2. Eccentric Challenger: Furfrou, Graveler, Blitzle
  3. Quirky Challenger: Furfrou, Braixen, Shinx
  4. Sassy Challenger: Furfrou, Butterfree, Vaporeon
  5. Slick Challenger: Furfrou, Croagunk, Obstagoon

Furfrou is on every Fashion Challenger’s squad, as fans are sure to notice, which makes sense given that this Normal-type Pokémon is still relatively new to the game. While facing Challengers will not achieve players an encounter with Furfrou in Pokémon GO, there are several other ways to obtain the Pokémon. Furfrou, for example, has a higher spawn rate in the wild right now and can be found by completing certain Fashion Week Field Research and Timed Research activities.

You shouldn’t have a problem in triumphing over the Fashion Challengers. This is particularly true if you have a solid team. They will not employ shields, which will be to your benefit.

We suggest starting every battle with a powerful fighting-type Pokémon, as this is the most effective way to counter Furfrou. The greatest response for the rest of the Fashion Challengers squad could then be used as a base for your other two Pokémon. You have the option to put a water-type up against Braixen. And you could also square a ground-type off against Shinx when battling the Quirky Challenger.

The Fashion Challenger’s teams will remain unchanged. When you’ve determined an approach that works, you can simply utilize it every time you run into that particular challenger. Don’t forget to provide your Pokémon with the healing it needs after each match.

Fashion Week is a one-time event that includes a Timed Research Quest. This introduces Furfrou to the game. It also provides the opportunity to pick up costumed Pokémon, including Sneasel, Blitzle, and Butterfree.

Pokémon Go Fashion Challenger Rewards

In Pokémon Go, defeating a Fashion Challenger will reward you with a variety of useful things. These include Max Revives, Stardust, and PokeBalls.

The main feature of fighting Fashion Challengers is that it unlocks some fantastic rewards, such as encounters with Furfrou, Sneasel, Frillish, and others, as part of Fashion Week’s Timed Research.

Wrapping Up

This year’s Pokémon Go Fashion Week will be similar to the previous year’s Pokémon Go Fashion Week. So, suppose you are interested in Pokémon fashion. In that case, it is definitely a chance for you to get those stunningly elegant Pokémons.

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