TJ Maxx Gift Card – How To Check Your Balance Quickly and Easily

Are you wondering how to check your TJ Maxx gift card balance? If you’ve ever shopped at TJ Maxx, you may be familiar with their gift cards. These cards provide TJ Maxx store credit, and you can use them to make purchases at any of their stores.

TJ Maxx gift cards are an excellent way for friends and family to get a discount at their favorite stores. The easiest way to check your gift card balance is on the TJ Maxx website, using your card number and CSC code. You can also call the customer center or go to one of TJ Maxx’s stores to track your balance.

If you are looking to use a gift card at a TJ Maxx store, this article may be helpful. We’ll cover everything you need to know about managing your balance. Also, we’ll walk you through how to check the balance on your gift card.

What Is TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx is an American chain of value retail stores founded in 1946. It sells a variety of brand-name and exclusive products to consumers. This includes apparel, shoes, handbags, home decor, beauty products, etc.

If you’re familiar with TJ Maxx, you probably know it has great bargains. This is why it has such a loyal customer base. From its signature off-price aesthetic to committing to keep returns to a minimum, this discount retailer has something going for it. 

TJ Maxx has over 1,000 stores in the United States and is also an official Macy’s brand. If you’re looking to score some killer deals on home decor, clothes, and shoes, TJ Maxx should be your go-to.

What Is a TJ Maxx Gift Card?

A TJ Maxx gift card is a card that can be used to buy merchandise at any of the company’s stores. They’re issued by a not-for-profit corporation established in Maryland called National Retail Property Exchange Inc. 

It’s common for major retailers to sell gift cards to consumers for any of their stores. If you’re the giving kind, gift cards make great presents for friends and family. Alternatively, you can buy a gift card for yourself. This way, you may save money on your favorite items.

How Does a TJ Maxx Gift Card Work?

TJ Maxx gift cards are used to make purchases at TJ Maxx, Homesense, Marshalls, and Sierra stores. Also, you can redeem the card online for merchandise at any of these stores. If you’re making a purchase online, you’ll simply enter the card number and CSC at checkout. A cashier will swipe your card in-store and charge the purchases you make on it.

How to Check Your TJ Maxx Gift Card Balance

With a TJ Maxx gift card in hand, keeping track of the balance is essential. Luckily, there are several ways you can check your TJ Maxx gift card balance. You’ll need your 19-digit card number and the CSC code on the back of the card. Once have those noted down, choose one of the following methods to check your TJ Maxx gift card balance.

At the Store

If you would like to check the balance on your gift card in-store, you can go to any of TJ’s stores. You’ll then ask a cashier for your gift card balance. The most convenient way to check your TJ Maxx gift card balance is to find a store near you.

To find a nearby store, go to TJ Maxx’s website. Enter your zip code or city, pick your state, and click search. You’ll receive your results shortly. Ensure your gift card number is handy when checking your balance in-store.

Over the Phone

If you’d rather call than visit a TJ Maxx store, dial the customer service number listed on your gift card. Share your TJ Maxx gift card number with the customer service representative. They’ll help you check your card balance.

Other Ways

If you bought the TJ Maxx gift card at a store, you can add your gift card information to your Apple Wallet. Once you enter the gift card number in the mobile app, you can check the remaining balance on the card.


TJ Maxx gift cards are a great way to save money when shopping. While they’re not as flexible as regular gift cards, you can use them at any company store.

TJ Maxx gift cards work just like any other gift card. You can check your balance by using the gift card number and the CSC code found on the back. You can check your balance at any time by visiting and logging in with your username and password.

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