What is Spotify’s Net Worth?

What is Spotify’s Net Worth? Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming subscription services. Its business model is based on subscribers downloading the Spotify app and listening to free music. Listeners only have to stream ads for Spotify to earn revenue from their activities.

Spotify’s net worth was $ 46 billion from March 2022. Its revenue comes from Spotify’s over 124 million subscribers who pay for premium membership. The music streaming company has various products that attract subscribers, such as sponsored playlists, pet playlists, etc. Over 200 million subscribers use Spotify’s freemium services, with 180 million paying for Spotify services each month.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming company with a mobile app available in 180+ countries worldwide. Their services are available on Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux computers, and Android smartphones. Spotify is also available on AI-enabled smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. It is popular among subscribers who want to stream music from anywhere in their homes.

Spotify has acquired several music-related companies over the years since its launch. Some examples are Tunigo, a music discovery app; Echo Nest, a music intelligence company; and Seed Scientific, a data analytics company. Other companies acquired by Spotify are CrowdAlbum and Soundwave.

Spotify’s Net worth

A company’s net worth is calculated by subtracting the value of its liabilities from that of its assets. Spotify’s total assets for the financial year ending Dec. 2021 were $ 8.48 billion. Its total liabilities for the same year stood at $ 5.97 billion. Therefore, Spotify’s net worth as of Dec 2021 was $ 2.51 billion.

A company’s net worth can also be deduced by its stock value too. As of March 30, 2022, Spotify’s stock value was $ 157.31, and its market cap value was $ 30.64 billion. Although the company’s shares had lost value since its initial public offering, when they were valued at $ 165, they are still well priced. 

However, while Spotify’s net worth is $ 46 billion, it’s actually operating at a net loss. Some analysts feel the main reason for its financial woes is the royalty fees it pays music artists. However, its purchase of several companies since 2013 makes us feel like Spotify is undervalued at the moment. We expect a financial turnaround this year as the company starts to earn profits.


Spotify, whose name came from the words “spot” and “identify,” is worth $ 46 billion this year. However, as its name suggests, the company is more focused on acquiring as many companies as possible. Therefore, it faces some financial setbacks, a specific one being high royalty payments. However, it’s heading for a profitable financial future if its acquisitions perform well.

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