How To Get Cash With Just A Credit Card Number 

If you’ve forgotten your PIN or misplaced your credit card, how do you get cash with just a credit card number? It was impossible to even imagine that you could access funds with just a credit card number in the past. But nowadays, there are several options you can use to get funds if you don’t have your credit card.

To get cash with just a credit card number, ask your bank teller to help you process cash advance requests. You’ll need to show proof of identity by means of a government-issued ID. Other options include using a mobile App and an ATM, cashing convenience checks, using an e-commerce platform, and a website that takes a card. Because of the high APR, avoid cash advances unless you have an emergency. 

How to Get Cash with Just a Credit Card Number 

You might need cash urgently, but the only thing you have at your disposal is the credit card number. It could be that you’ve forgotten your PIN or misplaced your card. How do you get cash from your credit card number if and when such a thing happens? We discuss some of the available options below for your consumption. 

Ask Your Bank Teller to Make a Cash Transfer Request for You

Banking technology has significantly minimized in-person interaction with bank staff. But you’ll still have to visit your bank once in a while to handle issues that must be sorted out physically. Getting cash with just a credit card number is one of these occasions. 

You’ll be asked to complete a form stipulating details including your account and credit card numbers. You will also provide your name and the amount you wish to withdraw. Note that you need to have government-issued IDs for verification. The teller might also ask you about your last transaction with your card to complete the verification process.  

Processing the Cash Advance Request 

After filling out and presenting the form to the teller alongside your IDs, the teller will confirm your details. And if satisfied, they will process a cash advance request. This process could take up to 10 minutes to complete. Once your request is validated, the teller will hand you a form to sign. Ensure that all the information is correct before you add your signature to the form.

Cash Convenience Checks  

Unlike regular checks that draw on checking accounts, convenience checks are blank checks that draw on your credit line. To use this service, you need to check if you are eligible from your credit card company. Convenience checks have very high annual percentage rates (APRs). Again, they don’t have a grace period, meaning you’re expected to start repaying the loan as soon as you receive it.  

Use Your Bank’s Mobile App and ATM 

Banks sometimes offer cardless cash withdrawals, which allow you to get money with just your credit card number. In this instance, you’ll need to create a connection between the mobile bank App and your credit card.

To withdraw money from the ATM, enter the card number, scan the QR code on the ATM with your smartphone. The ATM will authenticate the request upon which you will follow the steps to complete the transaction. After dispensing your cash, all your transaction details will be erased. 

Use an E-commerce Platform 

You can use an e-commerce platform to shop without an OTP. But this will require that you have CVV, the name of the cardholder as it appears on the card, and the date the card expires. For security reasons, the card number alone will not help you withdraw cash if you don’t have the other details. The downside of this method is that just a few websites will allow you to shop without an OTP.

You can also use credible websites to get cash from your credit card number. The downside of this approach is that some of these websites don’t provide robust security features. User authentication is not supported, and there are no limits in terms of what you’re able to purchase. 

Tips and Tricks

Pay your card balances as early as they fall due. Otherwise, you will attract high-interest rates and penalties. 

When it comes to a cash advance, the interest rate is much higher than it is for regular purchases. Avoid cash advances as much as possible. No grace period means interest will start to accumulate the moment the advance is made. 

It’s vital that you’re fully aware of the agreement, terms, and conditions before moving forward with the cash advance.

Failing to pay off your cash advance might hurt your credit score. Interest accrues daily. And if it stays long enough, your debt might increase significantly.  

Always keep track of your cash advance limit. If you have a credit card with a zero balance, consider using it to get a cash advance.


Although credit cards are meant for making purchases, sometimes credit card companies allow authorized users to withdraw cash from their cards. 

Knowing that you can get cash with just a credit card number is a welcome relief in an emergency. However, employing the above methods to obtain cash should be considered a last resort. They all have high-interest rates, which start accruing almost immediately because they have no grace period. 

For instance, the Bank of America and Chase bank charge 21% Annual Percentage Rate for an average cash advance. The other major banks like Citi Bank and US Bank charge between 24% and 25%. 

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