iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting

How would you feel if your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting in the middle of an urgent virtual business meeting? The mere thought of the possibility may run a shiver down your spine. But unfortunately, this is a common problem that many iPhone users face almost daily.

The internet has become a crucial part of every person’s life in this modern era. However, if you find that your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting on its own while traveling, you may often feel lost. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome this problem. We shall learn about the steps to help solve the problem as you read on.

What Does “iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting” Mean?

When you are out of the office or home, you are out of any steady and dependable Wi-Fi connection. The only source of the internet would be your mobile hotspot. So when you hear iPhone users complaining that their iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting, what do they mean?

The problem primarily signifies that the internet connection from your iPhone stops completely. As a result, the device may stop transmitting the Wi-Fi signal to other devices, or the mobile data may switch off on its own.

According to Apple, your iPhone may stop transmitting a Wi-Fi signal if inactive for more than 90 seconds. In other words, if the hotspot is not being used for more than 90 seconds, it will disconnect automatically. This is due to some preventive measures to save your device’s battery.

Problems Associated With a Disconnecting Hotspot 

Finding your iPhone hotspot disconnecting several times automatically in a day can be frustrating. If you could get the hotspot to stay active all the time while you are away from any steady Wi-Fi zone, it could be beneficial. For example, while you are on the move and suddenly realize that you need to attend an urgent virtual meeting with your client, a steady hotspot would be handy.

With a steady hotspot, you can attend the meeting without any hindrance. A proper iPhone hotspot can also be helpful if you want to watch a movie online or listen to some music while traveling. With an appropriate hotspot, downloading critical official documents and sending out emails will also be possible.

Fix for “iPhone Hotspot That Keeps Disconnecting”

There may be several factors responsible for your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting. It will be good to start with the common causes and then move on to the uncommon ones.

Check Your Data Usage

iOS will always let you check your personal hotspot data usage on your Apple device. This will give you a detailed breakdown of the amount of data you consume on different connected devices. 

For example, it may be possible that you are allowed a limited data consumption by your carrier each month. To check the hotspot data usage, go to “Settings” and select “Mobile Data Menu.” If you notice that you need more data, you will have to purchase an additional data plan from your carrier.

Reconnect Your Hotspot Connection

When you notice that your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting, especially on your computer, you may choose the “forget my current hotspot” settings on your computer. Once the hotspot option is completely removed, try reconnecting to the hotspot with the password. This should do the trick for you.

You can always check the password for your iPhone hotspot by going to “Settings>Personal hotspot.” You can also change the password from the same menu if you want.

Disable Low Power Mode

Suppose you have enabled “Low Power Mode” on your iPhone. In that case, that can also be a significant cause for your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting. This is because the phone disconnects the hotspot now and then to save the battery. Therefore, it will be good to disable the “Low Power Mode.” When this mode is enabled, it temporarily reduces all background activities.

Such activities may include mail fetch, personal hotspot connection, and downloads. It continues to do so until you fully charge your iPhone.

Update Your Carrier Settings

Any local carrier would regularly release the latest updates to improve their data speeds and network connection. Although these updates are automatically installed on different devices, there may be times when you may have to update your carrier settings manually.

You need to go to the “Settings” app and click on “General Menu.” Once this is done, select “About.” Scroll down to find the “Sim details” section and check the “Network Provider version.” Tap to download the latest version. Once the installation of the newest version is complete, do not forget to reboot your iPhone and check the hotspot connectivity.

Disable Low Data Mode

It may so happen that you have enabled the “Low Data Mode” on your device from the Settings menu. Many people do so if they are on a tight data plan. This feature will reduce your mobile data usage. In addition, all background activities, such as hotspots, automatic updates, and background tasks, will get disabled.

If you often find that your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting, then you may have to disable the Low Data Mode on your iPhone.


When your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting automatically, it may cause distress to you on many occasions. Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about in such matters. Simple changes to your settings and things can get back to normal in the blink of an eye.

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