How To Unmute Posts On Instagram?

Did you accidentally mute someone’s Instagram posts and wonder how to unmute posts on Instagram? If you don’t want to see someone’s posts, you can mute them on Instagram. You also have the option of muting Instagram’s other functions if you wish. However, muting Instagram can sometimes be accidental, due to which you might want to unmute them. So, how to do that?

Check out the Instagram account of the muted user. Their profile has a Follow button. By clicking it, various options appear. Choose “Mute.” You will find a toggle button next to the “Posts” option. A blue toggle button indicates muted features. Click the toggle next to their posts to unmute them.

Methods To Unmute Posts on Instagram

Use the methods below to unmute the Instagram posts.

Method 1: Unmuting Through Instagram Profile

You can follow these steps to unmute if you have an iPhone or an Android device.

  • Tap on the Instagram profile you’ve muted from your phone.
  • By clicking on follow, you will see a list of options. Click on “Mute.”
  • You will locate the “Posts” option with toggle buttons. Blue toggle buttons indicate muted features. If you want to unmute the person, untick the toggle next to the posts.

Method 2: Unmuting All Accounts

You can utilize this method in the case that you have accidentally muted someone or if you would like all muted users unmuted. 

Instead of checking each profile individually, Instagram provides a feature for viewing muted accounts. From there, you may unmute the desired account. Follow the instructions provided.

  • Look at your personal Instagram profile and click the three-bar symbol. Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • Then select “Muted Accounts” from the “Privacy” section.
  • It is the section where you can find all muted accounts indicating whether you have turned off their stories or posts. To unmute a particular profile, you can select the profile.
  • Your account will switch to a new screen. Click on “Mute.” You can turn the toggle off based on your needs in the posts or stories section.

It will unmute posts of the particle account.


Instagram users have multiple options to improve their experience. A good example is the muting and unmuting feature on Instagram. 

On Instagram, users choose what posts they want to see, and they can also decide what posts are irrelevant. With Instagram’s mute feature, it’s possible. 

Using Instagram’s mute option will help you avoid becoming distracted. Muting someone’s Instagram post has a variety of purposes. However, you don’t have to silence them forever because those reasons exist. 

It’s okay to unmute their posts if your decision changes. It is straightforward to learn the process of muting and unmuting someone’s posts on Instagram. 

However, suppose you still want to mute someone’s posts. In that case, you must ensure that only irrelevant users are muted to avoid missing important information.

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