How To Take A Snapshot In Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO’s Snapshot feature was launched in February 2019, and it’s remained a popular way of expressing yourself in the game ever since.

However, for new players or those returning to the game, understanding how to take Pokémon Go snapshots can be tricky. There are also the capabilities accessible within Pokémon GO’s snapshot function that must be learned. While snapping images is the primary objective, there is much more in store for players. 

Niantic is also continually throwing surprises into Pokémon GO events to further incentivize snapshots in Pokémon Go for users who would otherwise overlook them.

This article will help you through the steps of how to take a snapshot in Pokémon Go, whether it’s of a newly discovered wild Pokémon or an old friend from your past storage.

How to Take a Snapshot In Pokémon Go

  1. When you first open the Pokémon Go app, you should find your characters surrounded by all kinds of Pokémon. Now, you can tap the Pokeball icon at the bottom center of the screen and see the main menu.
  2. You will then see a list of all the Pokémon you’ve captured in your inventory when clicking the Pokémon icon.
  3. Now choose any Pokémon in your library that you’d like to take a snapshot of.
  4. Open the camera menu by tapping the camera icon (located in the top-right corner of your screen).
  5. Using your device, look around for the ideal spot to put your Pokémon (preferably on a flat surface). If you’re using AR+, You should be able to see yellow footsteps. Tap on them to get the Pokémon to appear where you want them. Taking a snapshot of Pokémon GO is as simple as tapping the camera icon.
  6. You can also move your Pokémon around to get a different look at it. Tap the Gallery icon to see your snapshots of Pokémon GO. It should show up in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  7. Now you can look through all of the snapshots you took in the previous steps. Remember, if a wild Pokémon is around, you can even get photobombed. You can save or share the snapshot with your friends by pressing the share button. To return to the main menu, press the ‘X’ icon.

How to take a Snapshot of a Pokémon in the wild

  1. The Pokémon Go app will show you the location of your in-game character on a map once you have launched the app. So always keep an eye out for wild Pokémon nearby. If there’s one you want to photograph, go ahead and tap the wild Pokémon to get started.
  2. Make sure your AR+ mode is turned on. To continue, tap the camera icon.
  3. Use your device to look around for any moving bushes and tap on them to attract wild Pokémon. To take a snapshot, simply tap on the camera icon. The photographs will be stored in your photo collection automatically.

How to Take a Shared Augmented Reality Snapshot

If your phone is compatible with AR+, you can begin enjoying the Shared AR Experience. At least one other Trainer must be physically present during a Shared AR experience. The directions for making one are as follows:

  1. Start Pokémon GO.
  2. Begin roaming around.
  3. Onscreen, tap your Buddy’s portrait next to your Trainer’s photo.
  4. Choose the icon with three individuals and a camera that indicates “Shared Experience.”
  5. Choose “Create A Group Code” from the drop-down menu.
  6. When you obtain a unique QR code, approach other Trainers nearby and request that they scan it.
  7. Set everyone’s gadgets upright and have them all point to the same 3D object on a nearby flat surface.
  8. You must all move left and right together to take a snapshot.

You can feed your Buddy treats or touch their heads during a Shared AR Experience, just like you can during solo play. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to engage with your friends’ Buddies, and they won’t be able to feed your Buddy. Furthermore, much as in the AR camera mode, you can capture snapshots. They can also hold the other two Buddies, allowing for stunning photos.

Wrapping Up

That’s it – you’re done! Now go ahead and clog up your phone storage like never before, spamming your friends with your fantastic Pokémon photos!

When you’re taking photos, what’s your greatest photobomb? Do you enjoy taking Snapshots of Pokémon GO? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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