How to Put Two Pictures Together on iPhone

Are you wondering how to put two pictures together on iPhone? Photo editing is a fun way to make your pictures look more attractive.  

You can put two pictures together on an iPhone using the Layout app or Shortcut app. These apps are available for free on the Apple store. The Layout app allows you to combine photos and perform other editing tasks such as adding effects. And the Shortcut app enables you to create various shortcuts for performing different tasks such as editing photos.

Advantages of Putting Together Two Photos

You may enjoy combining pictures using photo editing apps but are there other benefits? Yes. One is that it allows you to use two photos on your profile in apps such as Facebook. 

You can also combine a photo of you and your friend for sentimental reasons. Whatever the case, learning how to create a photo montage of two or more pictures is fun.

Here are instructions on using the Layout App to combine pictures on your iPhone.

1. How to Put Two Pictures Together on an iPhone Using Layout

  • Download the free Layout app from the Apple store and launch it. 
  • Tap the photos you want to combine on the app’s main screen to display them at the top of the screen.
  • Use the editing tools at the bottom of the screen to combine your photos and perform any other editing tasks.
  • Once you’ve edited your combined photo to your satisfaction, click Save. The Layout application will save the edited image in the Photos app folder.
  • There, you’ve now completed your first task on Layout. You may now find other ways to edit your pictures using the app to achieve any kind of effect you desire.

2. How to Put Two Pictures Together on iPhone Using Shortcuts

Shortcuts is a free app that you can use to perform various tasks on iPhones, including merging photos. However, you need to create a shortcut for the task you want to accomplish.

Here are instructions on creating a photo merging shortcut on iPhone using Shortcuts.

  • Go to the Apple app store, install Shortcuts, and launch it.
  • Tap create a shortcut on the app’s main menu and add a new shortcut
  • Choose the photos you want to combine from the following screen and select them
  • Pick side-by-side mode from the mode section to merge your photographs.
  • Choose whether you want to merge your images horizontally or vertically and combine the images.
  • Now find the “Save to Photo Album” action from the search section and save your photo in the Photo app. 
  • Remember to include an action specifying where the app will save your edited photo.
  • Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner of your Shortcut window and select “Name.” Give your merged photo shortcut a memorable name and save it.
  • Ensure you enable the Show option in the share sheet to see the shortcut on the photos app. 
  • Tap “Done” to save the shortcut and exit the app.

Now that you’ve created a photo merging shortcut, here’s how to merge your photos using it.

  • Launch the iPhone photo app and select the photos you want to merge.
  • Click on the “share” icon in the lower-left corner of your phone and select Shortcuts.
  • Pick the photo merging shortcut you created, and the app will combine your photos.
  • The app will save your edited picture in Photos once the process is complete.


That answers the question “how to put two pictures together on iPhone.” We’ve only given you instructions on using the Layout App and Shortcuts App, but there are other apps.

Examples of other photo editing apps you can use to merge photos are Cut Paste Photos Pro and PhotoGrid. Try different apps and find the one that works best for you.

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