How To Play Games on Snapchat 

There’s more to Snapchat than the usual taking of photos and customizing them with mind-blowing filters to look better. You can even go as far as playing games on Snapchat to have even more fun. You need to know how to play games on Snapchat to partake in the fun of this social app. 

Open the Snapchat app and click on the search icon at the top corner of the screen. It will take you to the next page to search for the game if you have one in mind. However, if you don’t have any in mind, you’ll see a sample of games arranged on this page. Click on the game you most prefer to play. 

Snapchat games have become an exciting part of the app, which many don’t know about. The platform makes it possible for one to do more aside from taking photos. Keep reading to learn more about how to play games on Snapchat. 

The Benefits of Playing Games on Snapchat

Snapchat’s game platform is called Snap Games. The section is simply a platform to hang out with your Snapchat friends. Nearly all of the games and apps are multiplayer.

The chat feature on Snapchat has received updates to include a “rocket” button. It allows you to jump into a game and play with your pals. This boosts the teenager’s social life with several fun activities. 

During the Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles in 2019, Snap launched games for Snapchat. The platform began with six games but has since expanded to include “Minis” and an ever-expanding catalog of multiplayer games. Playing Snapchat games helps with assertiveness and brain health in young people. 

The Disadvantages of Playing Games on Snapchat 

The most significant disadvantage of playing games on Snapchat is addiction. For many teenagers, Snapchat games can be highly addictive. It tears their attention from vital things and plunges them into negligence and distractions. 

Furthermore, many teenagers tend to partake in inappropriate activities on the app. There can be so many leaks of personal information, pictures, etc., on the platform. Without maximum care, information on one’s biodata, details, and even location might fall into the wrong hands. 

Keep in mind that predators of young, unknowing persons saturate social media. Hence, using Snapchat is something to do with utmost care.

How to Play Games on Snapchat 

Snapchat has a friendly user interface. It makes everything you’ll like to do in the app easy. Playing games on Snapchat is also easy, and you can do so with the steps below. 

1. Launch the App 

When you open the app, click on the ‘Search’ icon on the top corner of the screen. 

2. Use the Search Box 

If you’d like to search for a game, type it into the search box.

3. Explore the ‘Games and Minis’ Section

If you prefer to, explore the games in the ‘Games and Minis’ section. 

4. Play 

Once you’ve seen the game of your choice, select it to start playing. 


So, you now know how to play games on Snapchat. Though it has its disadvantages, it’s a feature you certainly need to explore. 

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