How To Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint 

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There are many tips and tricks when using PowerPoint to create and edit your videos. One of such tricks is knowing how to add slide numbers in PowerPoint. Like page numbers, slide numbers are essential in showing the number of slides in a video. 

In the menu above on the workspace, click on ‘View’ and ‘Normal’ to view your work without effect. Proceed to ‘Insert’ and click on ‘Slide Number,’ where you can enter the slide number you want to begin with. Make every other adjustment to the document’s format and click ‘Apply’ or ‘Apply to all.’ 

Sometimes, using this option encourages accuracy in your work, especially when you’re not a PowerPoint expert. Hence, you should know how to add slide numbers in PowerPoint for a more flawless result. Keep reading to get more details on adding these to your PowerPoint. 

The Benefits of Adding Slide Numbers in PowerPoint 

Slide numbers and page numbers are comparable. They show the page you’re on, and adding them is simple. There are several reasons why slide numbers are helpful

For one thing, they come in handy when writing. If you need to navigate back and forth during your presentation, page numbers can help. Simply type the slide number into the box and press “Enter” or make a slide list to accomplish this. 

When you arrive at the slide, the slide number confirms that you are on the right track. It can also help you ensure that you’re on the right slide while working from a script. 

The Disadvantages of Adding Slide Numbers in PowerPoint 

Adding these options to your PowerPoint presentation is arguably unreasonable and unnecessary. For one thing, PowerPoint already keeps track of your slides. This feature can make slide numbers look outdated. 

Furthermore, you should know that PowerPoint is not a print medium. It’s unnecessary to make a slideshow and number it when you aren’t printing it. Slide numbers can only distract you and sometimes confuse you in many ways. 

How to Add Slide Numbers in PowerPoint 

As earlier said, it takes nothing to add slide numbers in PowerPoint. Below are the easy steps to follow. 

1. Change the View Settings to Normal 

To avoid complications with adding your number, click on ‘View’. Afterward, select ‘Normal’.

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2. Click on Insert

Hover to the ‘Insert’ panel and click on it. It will open several options. 

3. Click on Header and Footer

Click on ‘Header and Footer’ 

4. Click on Slide

Click on the ‘Slide’ tab and select the ‘Slide’ checkbox. Once you check the box, you can customize it by inserting the number you want the slide to begin with. You can also select or clear ‘Don’t Show on Title Page’ to exempt or include it in the numbering

5. Click on Apply or Apply to All

If your target is one particular slide, click on ‘Apply’ to effect changes on the slide. Your changes shall reflect on all slides by clicking ‘Apply to All’. 


It is straightforward to learn how to add slide numbers in PowerPoint. As this post states, they may be unnecessary, but they come in handy to many PowerPoint users in several ways.

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