How To Make Twitter Account Public

Twitter is one of the oldest social media networks and one of the most popular among them. Nevertheless, many don’t know how simple things like how to make Twitter accounts public affect their accounts. Sadly, many others don’t know how to do this, leading to their poorly performing accounts. 

Once you open Twitter, click the Profile icon and select ‘Settings’ in the dropdown menu to open the settings panel. Click the ‘Security and Privacy’ settings on the screen and scroll down to the privacy section. Remove the checkmark from where you see the ‘Protect my Tweets’ checkbox. After unchecking it, scroll down and click on ‘Save Changes’ to put it to effect. 

Indeed, it’s effortless to make your Twitter account public, and anyone can do it in no time. However, there’s more to making this action that you should learn about. Keep reading to get complete details on making your Twitter account public. 

Why You Should Make Your Twitter Account Public

There are several disadvantages to a private account, making public accounts a better option. One of the downsides to these private ones is that you must first send someone a request before acting on it. You must click the Follow button and wait for approval to see the person’s tweets on your timeline. 

People are less inclined to click the follow button if they have to issue a request. The second problem is that many users are uncertain about private accounts. It will only discourage people from following you.

Therefore, if you’re not a major brand, it’s best to make your Twitter account public to grow your followers quickly.

The Disadvantages of Making Your Twitter Account Public

A public account has nothing to conceal, and everything is open to anyone on Twitter. Your tweets, bio, and interactions on the app are available to anyone navigating the network.

Sometimes, you might want to hide certain things from a group of people on the platform. You’ll just realize you need to switch from a public account to a private one. 

How to Make Your Twitter Account Public

As soon as you’ve decided, you can switch between account types on the platform. If you want to know how to make your Twitter account public, just follow the steps below:

1. Open the Twitter App

Launch the Twitter app and click on the Profile icon in the top corner of the screen.

2. Select Settings

When the dropdown menu appears after clicking the icon, select Settings.

3. Click on Security and Privacy

Click on the ‘Security and Privacy’ tab and navigate through the privacy settings. Here, you should find the ‘Protect My Tweets’ option.

4. Uncheck the ‘Protect My Tweet’ Option

Uncheck the ‘Protect My Tweet’ option or switch it from whatever position it is presently in. At this point, your account should be public already.

5. Save Changes

Make sure you save changes by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and tapping the ‘Save Changes’ icon.


At this point, you should know how to make your Twitter account public. Before anything, ensure you know the type of account best for you to make the most of this social app.

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