How To Delete YouTube Channel On Phone?

If you no longer want to run your Youtube channel, you might ask, “how to delete a Youtube channel on the phone?” Almost two decades have passed since YouTube was founded. Since the start, there might be embarrassing videos you wish not to show to anyone if you’ve been around. Due to this, you might want to get rid of your Youtube channel. So, how can you delete it?

Go to YouTube Studio and sign in. Then, click the “Settings” link. Click on Advanced Settings for the channel you want to remove. Choose “Remove YouTube Channel” from the menu that appears and then select I want my content permanently removed. Please make sure that you confirm your intent to remove your channel. Click Remove my content.

Steps to Follow to Delete YouTube Channel on Phone

You can delete your YouTube channel or hide it the same way. Follow the steps to do so.

  • Sign in to a YouTube account and visit the channel you are trying to remove.
  • Then, open settings. You can easily access the settings of your account from the homepage.
  • Visit the Settings menu, go to the Account tab, and navigate to the “Your Channel.”
  • Then you can view the “Advanced Settings.” In the “Your channel” section, you will find the “Advanced Settings” option.
  • You can delete a channel by clicking on the “Delete Channel” option. During the process, you may require entering your password.
  • You will have two options: permanently delete your channel or hide your channel. A drop-down menu will allow you to know which items you want to delete permanently. You must check all boxes and select the “Delete My Channel” option to proceed.
  • The pop-up will ask you to confirm hiding or deleting your channel. 
  • Then again, choose the option of deleting your channel.
  • Upon clicking that final button, you will have the option of deleting your channel.

If a channel has a lot of content, deleting it will take longer, but it should take only a few minutes.


Regardless of the reason, deleting a YouTube channel is not difficult. If you delete your YouTube channel, you will also remove all your videos, playlists, and other data. Upon deleting your account, your personal information is gone forever. 

It will also be impossible for you to retrieve that information. However, it’s also possible to hide your channel if you want to take a less permanent approach.

In this case, you will prevent anyone from seeing your content. It will also allow you to reopen your channel whenever you like. Still, all of your replies and comments will be permanently lost.

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