How To Get Voice Memos Off An iPhone?

If you want to transfer voice memos to another device, you might wonder how to get voice memos off an iPhone. Transferring your iPhone data, including voice memos, to another device is the best way to make a copy or free up space on your iPhone. But how can you do that?

You can use iTunes, email, or AirDrop to transfer voice memos to another device. When you use the iTunes or AirDrop method, ensure you have the latest and most updated version of iTunes & AirDrop on your system. Also, ensure your system isn’t overloaded with heavy data, which could slow the process down.

Methods For Getting Voice Memos Off An iPhone

Following are the prime methods to get voice memos off an iPhone.

Method 1: Through iTunes

You can send voice memos from your iPhone to your PC/Mac using iTunes. Install the latest version of iTunes before you begin; a previous version will not function and prompt you for an update. 

Follow the steps to get voice memos off an iPhone through iTunes.

  • Install iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone using USB or Wi-Fi.
  • At the top of the menu bar, click on the iPhone icon.
  • Click on “Music” in the sidebar.
  • Select the “Include voice memos” option from the Sync Music drop-down list.
  • Press “Apply” to apply the change.

Method 2: Via Email

Here’s how to remove voice memos from your iPhone using email.

  • Your phone’s voice memo app displays all of your memo files. On your iPhone, tap the memo you want to choose.
  • On your iPhone’s screen, tap the Share button.
  • Scroll down and choose Mail.
  • Use your phone’s mail app to send the memo directly or type in the email address. Click on the Send button.
  • Download the email file and then save it on your PC.

Only use this method if you need to remove just a couple of iPhone voice memos without syncing your phone and without using iTunes. 

This may not be the best method with many voice memos and may take more time. Here, I recommend that you use one of the other methods listed.

Method 3: Through AirDrop

If you don’t want to use iTunes, AirDrop is a more convenient way to transfer voice memos. If your iPhone and Mac are both equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

  • Go to Voice Memos on your iPhone. Find a voice memo and select it.
  • Then tap the AirDrop icon on your Mac after tapping the Share button.
  • You will then be able to download your voice memo to the Downloads folder on your Mac.

Because of the nature of this method, it only works for Mac users.


If you want to make a copy of your iPhone data or free up space on your iPhone, the best way is to transfer it to a computer. This post shows you the top 3 ways to transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC/Mac. 

You can use iTunes, email, or AirDrop to transfer voice memos to another device. If you have any issues getting voice memos off an iPhone, you can ask via comments.

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