How to Delete Your Lyft Ride History

Perhaps you’re a Lyft user who values your privacy; you may want to know how to delete your Lyft ride history.

Deleting your Lyft ride history is essential if you want to prevent drivers, friends, or family from seeing it. Simply select “History” from the main menu in the app and select the data you want to remove. It’s that easy. But many who use e-hailing services aren’t aware that their information is visible to others. If not deleted, it remains exposed.

The concern is that the visibility of this information is a violation of privacy. It could also pose a safety hazard. And it’s, therefore, something to be concerned about. 

This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to delete your Lyft ride history in just a few minutes. 

What is Lyft?

Lyft is an e-hailing and rideshare service. Like Uber, Lyft offers convenience through a network of drivers in the US and Canada. The company was started in 2012 by a group of developers. And it has since become a popular alternative to Uber, reporting over 18 million active users in 2021. The Lyft service can be used through their mobile app or the official Lyft website.

Their services also include vehicle, scooter, and bicycle rental. And they’ve even added food delivery to their list of offerings. Another feature is the ability to check local train, bus, and ferry schedules. This gives users the ability to plan the most cost-effective and efficient route possible when traveling in their city.

Why Should You Delete Your Lyft Ride History? 

Many are hesitant to use e-hailing services such as Lyft simply because they’re unsure how it works. However, some are more concerned about their privacy and safety while using the service. And for this reason, it’s vital to know how to delete your Lyft ride history.

The Lyft ride mobile app and online interface are relatively simple to use. However, many aren’t aware that anyone who shares a Lyft account with you can see your ride history. 

The same applies to any drivers assigned to transport you to your destination. When a ride is active, that driver has access to information relating to every ride you’ve ever taken. The driver can also see past rides taken by friends or family sharing the account with you.

This information includes the date and time you were pick-up and dropped off. And your history also details precisely where you were, and your journey began and ended. Remember that the driver will also have access to your full name and contact number.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that a driver would be able to ascertain where you live and where you travel regularly. They may also be able to pick up a pattern of travel from your history, giving them access to your schedule. Knowing that strangers have this information is cause for concern.

The driver aside, perhaps you would prefer not to share every destination with friends or family. Granted, your friends and family probably already know most of the things you do. But there may be things you’d prefer to keep private. In which case, knowing how to delete your Lyft ride history would be beneficial.

How to Delete Your Lyft Ride History

As mentioned, deleting your Lyft ride history is a straightforward process, which will be demonstrated in this section. Simply follow the steps below to delete your Lyft ride history for good.

Step 1

The first step is to open the Lyft mobile application or website on the mobile device or computer from which you booked your ride. 

Step 2: 

Tap on the menu icon on the upper left-hand side corner of the screen, where the three horizontal bars are displayed.

Step 3: 

A menu will pop up, and you’ll see the option “History“ listed. Select this option.

Step 4: 

A list will appear detailing the different types of information you could opt to delete. Select the information on this list you’d prefer to have removed. To be safe, it’s probably best to select and delete all the ride history details listed.

Step 5: 

Tap on the word “Delete” to clear the selected ride history information.

Step 6: 

Once steps 1 through 5 above are completed, the system will have removed the ride history details from your account. Therefore, your Lyft ride history will no longer be accessible.


Lyft’s e-hailing, rideshare, and transportation services are extremely popular in North America and the parts of Canada where it’s available. This is because Lyft provides an easy-to-use, convenient service to its users. It would be a shame to avoid using such a valuable service simply due to privacy concerns. These can quickly be resolved by deleting your Lyft ride history after every trip.

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