Why Is My iPad Not Charging?

Are you having trouble charging your iPad and asking, “why is my iPad not charging?” You need to take action if you cannot charge your iPad while plugged in. Nevertheless, you can do a couple of things at home before visiting the Apple store to check it.

A buildup of dust and debris can eventually affect the iPad’s charging port, causing problems with charging. When your iPad doesn’t charge, you should clear out any debris that may have accumulated in its charging port. After that, connect your device to a charging port.

Reasons Why Is Your iPad Not Charging

You may not be able to charge your iPad for the following reasons.

Reason 1: Damaged Cable

Most iPhone users have encountered broken or frayed cables due to repeated bending. Nevertheless, cables are regularly misused, which leads to problems that are often indiscernible from the outside. 

Usually, a broken cable can cause your iPad’s inability to charge. Perhaps the cable is no longer providing your iPad with the necessary power. Since these things aren’t visible visually, it’s best to try a different cable, ideally, one that’s Apple-approved.

Reason 2: Insufficient Current

USB ports on many computers do not provide enough current for charging the iPads with their screens on. 

When that happens, the iPad will display “Not Charging.” iPads typically require between 10 and 20 watts to charge adequately, especially if the device is in use at the same time. 

The current output of older USB ports is usually only 0.5 amps, insufficient for charging your iPad or powering it on the go. However, the charging ports on the latest Macs and PCs can charge an iPad at a fast rate.

Reason 3: Clogged Charging Port

The charging port may malfunction if it doesn’t work after connecting a new cable. Most often, the charging port gets clogged with dust or lint. Cleaning the charging port is quite simple.

Flip your iPad over and use a flashlight to light the port. You should be able to inspect the port to see if any materials are blocking it. The most effective way to clean the port is with canned air, tweezers, or a brush. 

A microfiber cloth will also be able to clean your clogged charging port. You may also need small tweezers to dislodge materials from the iPad, so turn it off before you attempt to remove them. 

Avoid touching the sides of the port with your fingers. If you want your iPad cleaned by someone from an Apple Store, you can do that. Apple stores usually offer free cleanings.


If you are still unable to charge your iPad even after trying all the methods, you will need to contact Apple support. To get help from Apple’s Genius Bar, you need to schedule an appointment. 

You may have a hardware issue with the iPad if changing the adapter or cable does not work. 

You should contact Apple if this happens. If an Apple Store is near your home, schedule a time and visit the store instead of calling Apple directly. The Apple Store employee will most likely take care of your issue while you wait.

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