Why Are My AirPods So Quiet?

Many AirPods users wonder, “Why are my AirPods so quiet?” this is a common problem amongst AirPods users. There was a time when wired headphones and earphones were a craze, especially amongst teens. However, things and preferences changed with time. Today, people are more interested in using wireless earphones with smartphones or other devices.

Your AirPods can suddenly become quiet for several reasons. First, users often find it difficult to troubleshoot the problem due to the lack of any physical volume control on the devices. There might be a buildup of foreign material inside your AirPods, such as dust, dirt, or earwax, that might make it quiet. It may also happen that the battery level of your AirPods has dropped, which has made it silent. Troubleshooting the issue is pretty simple.

What Are AirPods?

AirPods are Bluetooth earbuds made by Apple. It is specially designed to work with your iPhones or iPads. However, since AirPods work on Bluetooth technology, you can also pair them with your Apple TV and iMac. Although Apple provides a pair of wired earbuds with most of their products, using AirPods gives you added advantages.

Why Are My AirPods So Quiet?

There may be several reasons behind your AirPods going quiet. For example, there may be gunk buildup inside, low battery levels, and low volume levels in the connected device. Whatever be the cause, it is pretty simple to fix the problem with your AirPods. However, if there is damage to your AirPods, then fixing it may not give you the desired results. Replacing them with a brand new one would certainly help.

Reasons behind AirPods Getting Quiet

There may be several reasons behind your AirPods going quiet. Some of the common ones are hereunder.

Build-Up of Gunk inside Your AirPods

One of the most common causes of AirPods going silent is a buildup of gunk inside it. Although it may sound a bit weird to most of you, it is true. Any physical obstruction will cause earphones or earbuds to get quiet.

The primary causes of gunk building up inside your AirPods are dust, earwax, dirt, and dead skin flakes. These tend to block the smooth passage of sound waves directly. So instead, use a dry microfiber cloth or a dry toothbrush and clean the AirPods speakers. This should help clear the passage.

Low Volume Level in the Connected Device

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your AirPods have a reasonable battery charge. In that case, the volume level of your connected device may be low. This is because AirPods do not have volume controls. Thus, the volume level depends upon the connected device that you use. If you increase the volume of your connected device, it may automatically increase the volume of your AirPods.

Volume on Both the AirPods Aren’t Calibrated

In some cases, the volume on your devices may not be the same. This may be due to connection or software errors. Just disconnect and reconnect the AirPods to your device, and it should work.


AirPods are made by Apple designed to work with iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones. Unfortunately, these do not come with volume controls. Thus, fixing your AirPods when they go quiet may seem difficult to most of you. On the contrary, it is pretty simple. The solution to the problem will depend on the actual situation itself.

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