Nike Gift Card – How To Check Your Balance Quickly and Easily

Gift cards are often considered the perfect present because they allow you to select the gift of your choice. It’s a  more accessible way to buy products and benefits both the purchaser and the recipient. A gift card to use your most beloved store is one thing. But a Nike gift card is the next level.

You can check your Nike gift card balance on the Nike website or phone their customer care agents. And if you go to your nearest Nike outlet, the employees there can assist you in determining your gift card balance. Either way, you’ll need to have your card on hand, along with the gift card number displayed on the card.

Some gift card brands enable you to check the card’s balance and at least determine whether the card is still good. In the following article, you will get to know everything about Nike gift cards and how to check your balance if you have one. 

What is Nike?

Nike is considered to be the world’s biggest athletic apparel producer. It is a US-based multinational company well-known for its footwear, apparel, and other equipment primarily used by athletes. The company has moved into a new era by introducing innovative sports technologies and enhancing the sustainability of its products. They’ve achieved this by recruiting a creative and diverse global crew. 

In addition, Nike is a major manufacturer of sporting goods with headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. This prolific brand sponsors elite athletes in various sports to promote and sell their products. In doing this, they also promote and advertise their technology and design. 

The company has sponsored many famous sportsmen such as Allyson Felix, Sebastian Coe, Carl Lewis, and Michael Johnson. Famous Basketball Player Michael Jordan, Golfer Tiger woods also added significant value to Nike. Nike has also bagged famous football clubs, including PSG, FC Barcelona, and Liverpool. And the national teams of Portugal, Brazil, France, England, and the Netherlands are among their partners.

What is a Nike Gift Card?

Have a Nike gift card is like having cash in your pocket and can be redeemed in any Nike store. The gift cards can be used in retailer locations and on,, and the Nike App. You can find Nike gift cards at any Nike or converse outlet. 

It’s used as a cashless payment alternative. And purchasers can choose the desired balance minimum of $25. The maximum is $500, and they can spend it online and only in the US. You can also visit one of their physical stores situated in multiple locations globally. Nike allows you to buy up to 10 gift cards in a single purchase, which is excellent if you have multiple unused cards.

Currently, there are two types of Nike Gift Cards available.

Physical Cards: Nike has designed unique plastic gift cards. Nike and Converse retail stores are where you can get them.

Digital Gift Cards: These can be purchased online and delivered to your email address or phone number within two hours.

How to Check Your Nike Gift Card Balance

You can determine the balance on a Nike gift card in three different ways.         

How to Check Nike Gift Card Balance Online

It’s simple to check the balance on your Nike gift card online by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Nike Gift Card Balance Lookup Page
  2. Enter the Gift Card Number or product voucher number as well as the PIN
  3. Hit on the “Check Balance,” which will reveal your balance

Where Can You Find Your Nike PIN and Gift Card Number?

You’ll find the PIN and card number for your Nike gift card on the card itself, usually at the back. If you have a digital gift card, or Nike e-gift card, then you should find these numbers in the email you received. Although, the PIN is covered with a grey coat, and you have to scratch it to reveal it.

Checking Your Nike Gift Card Balance In-Store

To check the balance remaining on your Nike gift card at your local outlet, follow this procedure:

  1. Find and visit the Nike- or Converse-owned store closest to you
  2. Approach an employee
  3. Let them know that you’d like to find out what balance is on your gift card
  4. Provide them the info like Gift card Number & PIN

Checking Your Nike Gift Card Balance Via Phone

You can also find out the remaining balance on your Nike Gift Card by connecting Nike store’s customer service team:

  1. Call 1-800-806-6453 
  2. Tell the rep that you would like to check the gift card balance
  3. Provide them with the required info, such as the gift card PIN and number

Nike customer representatives are available from 4 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week through their support line. So, You will be able to reach them at almost any time. 


Nike gift cards offer you a variety of benefits. They allow you to buy your favorite products 24/7. Nike Gift Cards are more convenient than cash when buying from a Nike or converse Store. Be aware of sharing card no. and PIN with anyone you don’t trust. Consider it like cash or similar. Do not use it outside of Nike or Converse stores. 

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