Lululemon Gift Card – How To Check Your Balance Quickly and Easily

Retailers, such as Lululemon, offer gift cards to their consumers. Customers can purchase Lululemon gift cards to use themselves or give to friends and family as gifts. But even after using your gift card, you’re often still left with something on the card. So, how do you determine your Lululemon gift card balance?

Lululemon offers customers the option to check their gift card balance in three ways. You can choose to check your balance online, through their customer care line, or at one of their stores. You’ll need to have your gift card handy to provide the number on your gift card when prompted. The Lululemon online system or customer service representatives can determine what you have left on your gift card.

Gift cards are an extremely convenient way to give a thoughtful gift. And it ultimately allows the receiver the option to choose the gift or gifts they really want. But it’s crucial to be aware of the balance on your gift card at all times to avoid losing money. This guide will help you to determine your Lululemon gift card balance. 

What is Lululemon? 

Perhaps you follow a regular fitness routine or believe in living a healthy lifestyle. Either way, you’re sure to have heard of Lululemon. It is a highly recognized Canadian sports apparel brand known for designing light and breathable activewear for men and women. Their product range includes tops, shirts, jackets, yoga mats, backpacks, and much more. 

The company was founded by Chip Wilson in 1998, and its range of apparel extends to a wide variety of activities. These include yoga, dancing, running, gym, various sports, and other popular activities. That said, the company also manufactures leisure and streetwear.

What is a Lululemon Gift Card? 

Lululemon gift cards are cards pre-loaded with funds, the value of which is determined by the customer purchasing the gift card. The card is then either used as a cashless payment method by the customer or gifted to a friend or family member. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a Lululemon gift card, you have the freedom to choose from thousands of products. And you can use your gift card to purchase from Lululemon both in-store and online.

However, perhaps you have a Lululemon gift card, but you’re not sure of the card’s value. In this instance, there are specific steps you can take to determine your Lululemon gift card balance.

How to Check your Lululemon Gift Card Balance

Checking your Lululemon Gift Card Balance Online

  • Lululemon offers online services to its customers to check the Lululemon gift card balance on their official website.
  • When you visit the gift card section of the official Lululemon website, you’ll be asked to input your gift card number. You’ll typically find this number printed somewhere on the gift card.
  • Once you’ve typed in your gift card number, you’ll need to click on the ” check balance” button. After this, the website will display the balances on the gift card you possess. 

Check Your Lululemon Gift Card Balance via Customer Care

  • Those with a Lululemon gift card can contact the Lululemon customer service number, 1-877-263-9300, for assistance. One must follow the automated voice prompts, which will direct you to the extension related to checking gift card balances. 
  • You’ll also be asked to provide your Lululemon gift card number, and you must ensure the number you provide is correct. 
  • The Lululemon customer service representative will verify and check all the necessary information. Once verified, they’ll provide you with your Lululemon gift card balance.

Checking Your Lululemon Gift Card Balance In-Store

  • Visit your nearest Lululemon store. 
  • When in-store, go to the information counter and provide the assistant with your Lululemon gift card number. 
  • The person on duty will verify your details and then confirm the balance remaining on your Lululemon gift card.


Therefore, you can quickly check your Lululemon gift card balance using one of the methods above. And the best part about Lululemon gift cards is that there are no transaction fees or expiry dates attached. This makes a Lululemon gift card the most convenient apparel store gift card available.

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