How To Wrap Text In Google Sheets

Sometimes we type words into Google Sheets only to find the words don’t fit properly. It’s not a unique problem. Many of us sometimes find ourselves in this situation when using Google Sheets. Wrapping text on Google Sheets prevents them from overflowing into other cells by adjusting the height of the rows.

You can wrap texts on Google Sheets by selecting the rows, columns, and cells in which they are typed. Pick format from the toolbar and click on text wrapping from the drop-down menu. Next, choose “Wrap” from the three options in the resulting menu. The text will fit into the cell without overflowing into the adjacent cell.

Advantages of Wrapping Text in Google Sheets

The wrap option on Google Sheets enables you to organize your spreadsheet to ensure everything is visible. It ensures that you don’t have to deal with disappearing behind other cells. Here’s how to text wrap when using Google Sheets.

How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets

Wrapping Text on a PC

  • Select the cells, rows, and columns you want to text wrap.
  • Go to the toolbar at the top of the sheet and click format.
  • Choose the word “wrapping” from the drop-down menu.
  • You will find three text wrapping options. These are overflow, wrap, and clip.
  • Pick the “wrap” option. Your texts will fit perfectly into each cell and continue to do so as you type.

Wrapping Text on an iPhone

Google Sheets wrap text options work on mobile devices too. When working on a Google sheet on your iPhone or Android device, you can use this feature.

Here’s how to text wrap on an iPhone.

  • Log in to the Google spreadsheet you want to edit.
  • Select the cells, columns, and rows containing the text you want to text-wrap.
  • Click on the Format button at the top of the sheet.
  • Select the “cell” tab and click on the wrap text option to activate it.
  • Tap on the sheet to save the settings.

You’ve now activated the text wrap option on your iPhone Google sheet.

Wrapping Text on an Android Device

You can also text wrap data in Google Sheets on your Android device. Here’s how.

  • Log into your Google sheet app on Android.
  • Open the Google sheet you want to work on.
  • Select the cells, rows, or columns that need text wrap formatting.
  • Go to the toolbar menu and press the format button. It’s signified by an A with little straight lines next to it.
  • Pick the cell option from the drop-down menu and choose the Wrap text option from the following menu.
  • Turn the wrap text option on and click the checkmark on the left-hand corner to save your settings.
  • Now, you can type into the cells on your Google Sheets without the texts going beyond the cell boundary.


Try these tips whenever you need to format a Google sheet on your PC, iPhone, or Android phone. Wrapping texts in Google Sheets keeps your spreadsheet neat and enables you to work on it without spoiling the formatting.

You can also view data on your sheet without clicking on individual cells to read words that are out of sight. It’s also easy to type into your spreadsheet without interruptions as the text adapts the wrap formatting.

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