How To Hack Pokémon GO

Pokémon  GO is a wildly popular new augmented reality game. As of July 7th, the game has surpassed 15 million downloads on iOS and Android. The game has also reached 27 million users within two weeks of its release. 

In this game, you can catch Pokémon in real life by visiting different locations and by using your phone’s GPS system to find them.

How to hack Pokémon  GO? There are always loopholes in any system that can be exploited to get ahead (or at least play the game your way). You can fake GPS or Spoof your device or use Mod, Create multiple accounts, utilize Pokémon BOT or even Mod Money to catch more Pokémon that are far away from you, make lots of money, and easier to find more Pokémon.

Ways to Hack Pokémon Go

1. GPS Spoofing / Fake GPS Location

One of the most effective ways to hack Pokémon  GO is to use a GPS spoofing app/website. These apps/websites are designed to trick your device into thinking you’re in a different location from where you really are. This means you can catch Pokémon in your hometown and not have to travel far. You just need to find an app that will work on your specific phone operating system (Android or iOS) and follow the directions for installation.

With the use of GPS spoofing apps and a strong VPN, you can change your location in Pokémon  GO. Using a VPN is enough for most mobile apps to change your region or your location. But Pokémon  GO has begun monitoring their servers for players with a fake phone’s GPS coordinates, so they may also need an app that masks their true geographical locations.

2. Pokémon GO Mods

Mods are popular in games where people want to do things that the creators of the game didn’t intend for them to be able to do, like unlimited health or access to different areas in a game.

Pokémon  GO Mod APK is a great way to explore and catch Pokémon s from your couch. It also has various inbuilt features like cooldown, anti-ban, or unlimited coins that make the experience more enjoyable for its players. You can play with a joystick if you want an easier time moving around! The app also lists nearby PokeStops, gyms, and other information about the region you are exploring through Pokémon  GO Mod APK.

3. Creating Multiple Accounts

If you’re looking to find more Pokémon, creating multiple accounts is a great way to do this. You can create one account with your primary email and create another account with a different email address. Then, you head to some of the popular spots where Pokémon congregate.

This means that if you have your main account and your side account, the side account can catch the Pokémon while your main account moves on to the next level. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re using an iPhone or iPad, it will ask for your password again for every app or service connected to it after logging out of one account. 

4. The Pokémon GO Bots

One of the most popular hacks to Pokémon  GO is the botting hack. With this hack, a player will use a bot to play for them.

Some bots can run on Android, iOS, and PC. Still, they’re generally run on a PC because it offers the most stable internet connection and is the most popular platform among users and bot developers. The bot will connect to Pokémon  GO directly and play automatically by sending packets. All you’ll need for this process is an emulator, so you don’t have to do any work at all!

5. Mod Money

One of the most popular ways to hack Pokémon  GO is by modding your money. You can do this by setting your phone’s date a few years in the future and then using an app like Pokecoins. This has been a really popular hack because it can be done without jailbreaking or rooting your device, which makes it one of the easiest hacks to get away with.

Is Hacking The Game legal?

There’s some debate about whether or not hacking the game is legal. From a user perspective, though, it’s difficult to police who’s playing and who isn’t. And as long as you’re careful not to do anything that would interfere with other people’s enjoyment of the app, then hacking may be your best bet. After all, you’re just trying to make the game more enjoyable for yourself and not harming anyone else in the process.


There are many Pokémon GO hacks, but you should use them responsibly. It’s safe to say the Pokémon GO Community has been creative when it comes to these hacks. 

However, despite their creativity, they can be detrimental and should not be used without a second thought. Playing through your game how it was intended is best with no cheating- after all, catching them all should be a real test.

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