How To Find “Trash” On Facebook 

Trying to find “Trash” on Facebook can be a challenge. Perhaps you’ve deleted something by accident and what to retrieve it. If so, finding the “Trash” section on Facebook is essential. The good news is that it isn’t as difficult to find as you might think.

The “Trash”, or “Recycle Bin”, is Facebook’s bin that contains all your posts and videos that you have deleted. Ironically, deleting a post on Facebook doesn’t mean it will actually be deleted. In fact, the remarkable feature of the “Trash” folder allows you to restore deleted posts and videos. And finding it is as easy as accessing the Activity Log on your Facebook profile.

To learn how to find “Trash” on Facebook, read this blog post until the end.

The Benefits of “Trash” on Facebook

Facebook’s “Trash” folder is a handy way to track what you’ve deleted. It’s also helpful if you’d like to hide certain things from your timeline but don’t want to delete them entirely.

Here are five benefits of using the “Trash” folder:

1. Organize your messages

2. Clean up your timeline

3. Hide posts you don’t want anyone to see

4. Restore posts you’ve accidentally deleted

What You Should Know About Finding “Trash” on Facebook?

Each Facebook profile has a “Trash” folder. It’s where all the posts you have deleted from your timeline are stored for some time.

It includes posts, photos, videos, messages, and other types of content that you removed by mistake or intentionally. And these are all items you would have deleted yourself, as no one else can remove your items to “Trash” from their profile.

The purpose of the “Trash” folder on Facebook is simple. It allows you time to recover any photo or post you might have accidentally deleted from your timeline. And it allows you to place them back where they were initially posted.

How to Find “Trash” on Facebook?

The “Trash” folder is like the recycle bin on your computer. When you delete something from your account, it goes into the “Trash” folder. And it stays there until you empty the folder or restore the items.

You can view and empty your “Trash” folder at any time by following these steps:

  • To access your “Trash” folder, go to your Facebook profile.
  • Locate the three dots next to the “Edit Profile” button under your bio and click on them.
  • Then select “Activity Log” from the menu displayed.
  • At the top right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a “Recycle Bin” button. Select it.
  • All the deleted posts will be listed in this “Recycle Bin”.
  • Now you have the option to restore each post or delete it permanently.

By restoring your post, your friends won’t be able to see that it has been restored from the “Trash”. Restoring a post from “Trash” doesn’t affect your original privacy settings for that content and does not restore those settings back to what they were before you trashed them.


When you find “Trash” on Facebook, you’ll see everything you’ve deleted over time appears in chronological order in a long list. Once you find an item or two that you want to restore, click on them again and select “Restore”. The item will reappear where it was originally posted. 

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