Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

Have you ever faced a “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” issue and do not know how to fix it? When taking a screenshot, if you get an error message, it is likely due to some security issue. So how to fix it?

Its purpose is to protect sensitive information by preventing it from getting into the wrong hands, unauthorized access, or accidental disclosure. If you want to bypass the restriction, you have a few choices. One common way of taking screenshots is by downloading a third-party application that takes them. Just enable screen capture, and you’re done.

Reasons Why You Can’t Take a Screenshot Due to Security Policy

Following are the reasons why you are unable to take a screenshot.

1. Phone Policy

Institutions and organizations place a high value on security. Organizations enforce policies that prohibit taking screenshots to protect confidential information and add extra security features to the systems. 

Taking screenshots might not be possible if your organization provides you with an Android device. 

It would be best to ask your organization’s IT team for permission to take screenshots of the organization’s account or take the account off your Android device. You can even do this with some banking apps.

2. Incognito Mode

The browser may be in Incognito mode, and the user might be using it. In Incognito Mode in the Google Chrome browser, it is impossible to take screenshots with the Android Operating System. Also, this web browser does not allow enabling this feature. 

Suppose we want to take a screenshot of a web page. In that case, we can use any other web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. However, when taking screenshots, the user must not use Google Chrome’s Incognito mode.

3. App Policy

Some apps prohibit you from taking screenshots. For the most part, these are banking and financial apps. The program prevents background programs from running maliciously and sends screenshots to hackers. 

Depending on the issue, it would be best to get in touch with customer service or check the settings on your phone to see if permission is granted.

What to Do If You Can’t Take a Screenshot Due to Security Policy

The security policy prevents taking screenshots because of several issues, and the following is a solution for those issues. Following are some methods you can use to enable the screenshot feature.

1. Banking & Finance Apps

It is common for users to take a screenshot of any information related to billing, account information, and the balance after a transaction. However, such screenshots are not possible on money transfer apps.

We can fix this problem by downloading any third-party screenshot capturing application and using it on such banking applications. 

You can also take a screenshot of the entire android screen after recording it. Due to the security policy of the banking apps, these are a few solutions for taking screenshots.

2. Setting Up the Screenshot Toolbar

There is a possibility that something is wrong with your phone’s settings if you cannot screenshot anything other than financial apps.

Make sure the permission to take a screenshot has been granted on your Android device in the Settings section. 

Skip this step and try one of the other methods if the permission already exists. You can also toggle the screenshot feature of the toolbar by swiping it.

3. Restricted App Screenshots

For security reasons, some apps prohibit users from taking screenshots. Nonetheless, you can still take screenshots on such apps. E.g., take a screenshot of the Facebook profile page using the Facebook app.

It won’t be possible due to security concerns. You must download a third-party app on your Android devices that bypass taking screenshots for restricted apps. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find “Screenshot touch” in the Google Play Store.
  • Click on “Screenshot touch” to open the app.
  • Activate the app and launch it.
  • Allow all permissions requested by the app; otherwise, it will only work with some limitations.  

Now, you can take screenshots.

4. Taking Screenshot in Incognito Mode

Be sure not to take the screenshot in Incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser because the browser will not allow you. 

The screenshot-taking method has not yet been designed for Google Chrome’s Incognito tab. You may also want to try another web browser such as Mozilla or Firefox to resolve this issue.

5. Limited Storage Space

 You can then check the amount of storage space available if this is the case. Either remove the SD card or the ROM and try to clear its data. The Android device might have a corrupted card and should be replaced with a new one or repaired.

Try performing a factory reset on the Android device if none of the above methods work. Lastly, contact the device’s customer service if none of those methods resolve the problem.

6. Turn on Screen Captures

It is essential to specify what action we want to perform to take a screenshot. On the other hand, if this setting is set to None, no action will be taken when we snap a picture of our screen.

Here are the steps for enabling this setting in Android:

  • To access the button shortcut, go to Settings > Additional Settings.
  • Select Take a screenshot from the menu.
  • You can choose from several different actions to take a screenshot from this page.
  • Select any option other than None.

If you cannot locate your screenshot settings on your Android device, go to Settings, look for “screenshots,” and select the screenshot action. 

Try taking another screenshot to confirm if it has fixed the problem or not. However, it is not possible to disable the screenshot on iOS devices.

7. Third-Party Application

If you cannot take screenshots with the built-in feature on your phone, you can also use an application from a third party. In both the Apple and Google Play Stores, many applications can help you take a screenshot of your screen.

Nevertheless, you must confirm that the application has been verified and does not have any other application permissions other than the ones for storing screenshots.


The reasons and solutions discussed above are to fix the can’t take screenshot issue resulting from the Android security policy. Errors like this occur when the app or area of the mobile phone is restricted from taking pictures. 

You can enable the screenshot toolbar to make it possible. However, you will not be able to screenshot restricted apps, such as banking apps. 

You can also take screenshots without security policy permission by using third-party software. By following the above-given methods, you will be able to solve this issue.

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