What Does CFS Mean On Instagram?

If you are confused about what CFS means on Instagram, then this article is for you. Many online communities have developed slang and terms like CFS on social media. So, what does it mean?

CFS stands for “Close Friends Story,” This feature was introduced as part of the Instagram platform in 2018. Using this feature, you can allow only a few people to access the private story. In this case, only members added as CF have access to the posts, stories, and comments.

What Does CFS Mean on Instagram?

CFS is a term meaning “Close Friends Story”. Only a few close friends can see your private story if you use the CFS feature. The posts are only visible to those added as CFS.  

With Close Friends, you can select people who belong to your close circle of friends, and these people will only have access to your stories and comments.

People who wish to keep their professional and personal lives apart would benefit from the CF feature.

How to Make CFS on Instagram?

Those who do not have a good idea of what type of followers they have on Instagram and how they may evaluate their posts and stories should use CFS. 

They are customizable at the user’s discretion, and private story settings are also adjustable. It enables only the closest and most trusted people in your life to see your posts. Follow the given steps if you want to activate the CFS feature.

  • When you open the Instagram app, please click on your profile to access it.
  • Next, choose the Close Friends option from the drop-down menu.
  • For those without Close Friends Lists, click “Get Started” on the bottom of the screen to begin selecting your Close Friends List.
  • Click “Create List” once your list of friends is complete.

By doing so, you can enable the CFS feature.


As explained before, CFS is a slang term that means “close friends Story.” Instagram users use it a lot to share private posts. Allowing access to some of your private information to a few people is possible with the CF feature.

Moreover, the fact that its use keeps the location of your phone private makes it a great security feature as well. Once you understand what CF is and how to use it, you will feel more comfortable sharing your posts among your close circle.

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