Lori Shark Tank Net Worth In 2022

Lori from Shark Tank Net worth is a sought-after figure because of her popularity as an investor on Shark Tank. The famous American entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of For Your Ease Only, Inc. She is also a respected inventor who’s created and patented cosmetics, jewelry, and electronics, among other products. A notable invention by Lori Grenier is her plastic earring organizer, adopted by J.C. Penney in 1996.

The net worth of Lori from Shark Tank is $ 150 million. She is well known for Clever&Unique Creations, a long-running show on QVC that she launched in 2000. The popularity of her QVC show earned her the moniker “The Queen of QVC ” Grenier is also famous for her patented products featured on Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the Home Shopping Network.

The History of Lori from Shark Tank History

Lori Greiner was born in Chicago in December 1969 to a real estate developer and psychologist. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a Communications Major and later worked for the Chicago Tribune.

Lori is well-known for her inventions and participation in Shark Tank, a popular financial reality show. Her most successful investment in Shark Tank was Scrub Daddy, a texture-changing sponge for household cleaning.

Greiner is also well-recognized for investing in fun-to-use household items. A few examples are the Sleep Styler, Hold Your Haunches, Bantam Bagels, and the Simply Fit Board. She sells these items on the QVC channel, where she has earned the moniker “The Queen of QVC.”

She is also a successful published author. And is famous for writing “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! Make Your Million Dollar Idea Into a Realityā€¯. The book teaches aspiring business people how to make profits from their products and companies. And she should know some of her 120 US patented product inventions contributed to Shark Tank Lori’s net worth financial success.  

Lori from Shark Tank Net Worth?

Lori Greiner earns about $ 5 million a year from her appearances on Shark Tank and her For Your Ease Only company. The net worth of Lori from Shark Tank hit $ 150 million in 2022. Most of Greiner’s fortune comes from her patented inventions. A good example is the Scrub Daddy sponge that earned her over $ 100 million in sales in 2016.

Greiner also earns an income from speaking engagement, where she focuses on wealth-building strengths. Some of the high-profile companies she’s spoken at are PayPal, IBM, and Chase. Her products, many of which offer organizational solutions, are featured in magazines such as InStyle and Family Circle.


The $ 150 million net worth of Lori from Shark tank continues to influence young inventors to believe in their products. Oprah chose Lori’s Silver Safekeeper as one of her favorite items. The regular features of her products on magazines and TV shows means we can expect more success from Lori in the future.

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