How To Turn Off the Flashlight On An iPhone Without Swiping Up

Your flashlight can come in handy in different scenarios. However, before turning this feature off, you have to swipe up and tap the flashlight button. This process might seem long, and you might wonder how to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone without sliding up.

The quickest way to turn your iPhone’s flashlight off is to wake it up. Afterward, swipe slightly to the left on the lock screen. The iPhone will believe you are attempting to open the camera, and it turns off the LED light. You’ll return to the lock screen when you release your quick swipe, but your flashlight will be off.

If you want to get this shortcut, you must note a few things. You’ll learn more about how to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone as you read on.

How To Switch Off the Flashlight On Your iPhone Without Swiping Up

iOS users have two options to turn off their flashlights when they don’t want to swipe up themselves. These options include:

Let’s look at both in detail.

Attempting to Open the Camera

As you noted earlier, the simplest way to turn off your iPhone’s flashlight is to wake it up. After that, on the lock screen, swipe slightly to the left. 

The iPhone will interpret this as an effort to open the camera and dim the LED light. Your lock screen will return when you release your rapid swipe, but your flashlight will be turned off.

Start by allowing access to your device’s camera from the lock screen. Then, follow these steps to enable this flashlight shortcut:

  • Navigate to Settings 
  • Look for the General option and open it
  • Click on Restrictions 
  • Toggle the Allow section on the camera

This method might seem familiar if you used older versions of iPhones. Prior versions allowed you to swipe halfway up on the lock screen to almost activate the camera, which disabled the flashlight.

Asking Siri to Do the Job for You

Asking Siri to enable your flashlight is a lifesaver when you can’t see your phone in the dark. You can execute one of two approaches to deactivate the flashlight with Siri. Either say “Hey Siri” or tap on the Home or Side button to activate Siri. 

Here’s how to use Siri to turn on and off your flashlight:

  • To activate the flashlight, say, “Hey Siri, activate the flashlight.” or “Hey Siri, turn the flashlight on.”
  • Say, “Hey Siri, turn the flashlight off.” or “Hey, Siri, switch off the flashlight,” to turn it off.

If Siri isn’t functioning or you haven’t activated it on your iPhone, it can still use Siri turn off the flashlight. Simply press and hold the Home button and ask Siri to switch the flashlight off. You can achieve the same result using the Side button.


Turning off the flashlight on your iPhone is easy if you know how to do it right. Your first option is to act like you’re unlocking the camera. However, ask Siri to turn off the flashlight if you prefer voice commands.

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