Barbara Shark Tank Net Worth In 2022

Barbara from Shark Tank’s net worth is a popular search item on the internet. The businesswoman, speaker, investor, TV personality, and author is an American business icon. This female tycoon is the founding member of The Corcoran Group, a real estate company and one of the investors in ABC’s Shark Tank. 

The Barbara from Shark Tank’s net worth is roughly $100 million. In 2001, Barbara sold her real estate company, Corcoran Group, $66 million. She is also a respected investor on Shark Tank, where she earns a salary and makes profitable investments with participants. Barbara also makes money from authoring business books, public speaking, and radio podcasting.

The History of Barbara from Shark Tank 

Barbara from Shark Tank was born in Edgewater, New Jersey, in March 1949. Barbara grew up in an Irish-Catholic family with her 9 siblings. The renowned business lady struggled through school because she suffers from Dyslexia. Although she was labeled the dumb kid due to her Dyslexia, Barbara eventually graduated with a degree in education.

After graduating from college in 1971, Corcoran worked over 22 different jobs, including waitressing. Her career in real estate started when she worked for a real estate company run by the Giffuni Brothers in 1973. Later she founded Corcoran Simone, a real estate firm with her boyfriend.

Barbara’s partnership with her boyfriend did not last, and she later started The Corcoran Group. The real estate business has contributed significantly to Shark Tank Barbara’s net worth. In 2001, Barbara sold her real estate business and ventured into the TV business as one of ABC’s Shark Tank investors.

What Is Barbara from Shark Tank Net Worth?

In 2022, the Barbara from Shark Tank’s net worth is estimated at being $100 million. That’s surprising when you consider she co-founded her first company Corcoran Simone Group with her boyfriend for only $1,000.

Most of Shark Tank Barbara’s net worth comes from the real estate industry and business investments. She is also a successful investor in Shark Tank, a reality business and investment show on the ABC network. 

Barbara has made over 50 deals with investors on Shark Tank, contributing an average of $103,113 in each deal. She also earns money from book deals and appears in other TV shows.


Barbara from Shark Tank’s net worth makes her one of the wealthiest businesswomen in the US today. She has earned her place as a successful investor and an accomplished real estate businesswoman. Although she has Dyslexia, Barbara has proven through her increasing net worth that it’s not a drawback. Anyone can make it in business with diligence and perseverance.

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